What Is Vape Hardware?

Vape hardware refers to all of the components used in vaping. This includes the battery, atomizer, cartomizer, and clearomizer. The e-liquid is also considered vape hardware because it is used in conjunction with these other devices to produce vapor.

What Are Some Common Types of Vape Hardware?

There are many types of vape hardware available today. The most common types include:

Batteries – Batteries power your device and come in many shapes and sizes. Some batteries are built into your device while others are removable. There are also variable voltage and variable wattage mods that allow you to customize how much power you want to use for each puff or draw on your device. These mods allow you to adjust how high or low the voltage goes when you inhale from your device. You can also find external batteries that work with some mods but not all of them. These external batteries consist of a battery pack that is usually rechargeable through USB ports or wall chargers instead of being built into the device itself as part of its design like other batteries tend to be built into their devices by default.

Atomizers – Atomizers are one type of vaping device that is used to heat up the e-liquid and turn it into a vapor. Atomizers are usually made of metal or ceramic materials and can be found in both single-coil and dual-coil configurations. The coil wraps around an internal wick that draws in the e-liquid so that it can be heated up by the battery before being released as vapor through an air hole at the top of your device. Some atomizers allow you to adjust how much power is being fed into them via voltage or wattage settings on your mod while other atomizer types do not offer this option.

Tanks – Tanks are another type of vaping device. They are usually cylindrical in shape and have an open top that allows e-liquid to be easily filled by simply pouring it into the tank. Tanks are typically made from plastic or glass materials and come in various sizes depending on how much e-liquid you prefer to carry around with you at all times. There are also sub ohm tanks available which allow you to use coils that can produce more vapor than standard atomizers do.

Mods – Mods are the most powerful type of vaping device available. They usually come with a variety of settings that allow you to change the voltage or wattage output which can be used to customize your vapor clouds and make them more dense or less dense. Mods also typically have larger batteries than other types of devices and can last for hours before needing to be recharged again.

Vape Starter Kits – A vape starter kit is a great way to get started with vaping. Vape starter kits are typically an all-in-one device that includes everything you need to start vaping. They usually include a mod, atomizer, tank, and battery. The battery will usually come in various sizes depending on how often you plan on using your vape pen as well as how long of a charge it can hold before needing recharged again.

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